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A modular greenroof is made up of a series of trays, which hold engineered soil and plants. The greenroof can go directly on existing roofs, assuming necessary support exists, without retrofit and the associated costs. It provides the important elements associated with green roofs, including storm water retention, insulation,..

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SYNLawn introduces Modular Turf Systems designed to bring the look and feel of natural grass to any space indoors or out. Interlocking and Stackable Turf . SYNLawn Interlocking Turf Tiles can transform any area into a temporary green space indoors or out without being permanently secured. Using a short nylon turf..

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The use of modular or panelized construction systems is vastly more efficient (and green) than traditional stick built construction techniques. System built homes are constructed inside, in a centralized location by trained professional carpenters. Drywall scraps, cardboard, and paper and plastic packing materials are..

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Oct 28, 2009 . Although different manufacturers have different roof systems, the following is a general list of components that go into a vegetated roof system. Figure 5: Green Roof System with modified bitumen waterproofing. Roof Substrate: Concrete recommended. Steel deck is generally adequate. Wood decking may

McNICHOLS ECO-MESH Modular Façade and Trellis System

McNICHOLS ECO-MESH System is a modular framework grid typically wall mounted to exterior structures creating aesthetic living green facades. The grids are also commonly used around columns and free-standing for fencing, partitions, canopies and arbors for interior and outdoor spaces. These high quality attractive..

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Statement: Green Roof Outfitters is a manufacturer of modular green roof systems and a wholesaler of deck pavers (Ipe, Black Locust, & Porcelain), self-leveling deck pedestals, green wall systems, planters and more. All of our products are based on our principle of quality, functionality and affordability. Our vegetated green..

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Dazzled by dangling gardens, but wish you could have one of your own? This neat and simple system of stackable modules makes it easy to create indoor or outdoor garden 'plots', hung from walls or built up from floors, window ledges and deck railings. The rather minimalist black and white (though also green)..

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M-Tray is a ready-grown, fully established sedum green roof loaded into a portable tray, for easier installation of green roofs. All the growing, filtration and drainage elements are included in the system and the shape of the modules means that each one is simply laid onto the deck and clipped to the next module to create..

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Truly Modular Pre-Vegetated Green Roof System. . GreenGrid Vegetative Green Roof System. Pre-vegetated system with True Modular benefits .. Designing with Slopes The GreenGrid Vegetative Green Roof System is suitable for low-slope roof, concrete deck/plaza applications, and other comparable scenarios

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M-TRAY the extensive green roof system in modular tray format from Wallbarn. Developed to make sedum and wildflower green roofs easier to install

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May 6, 2016 . A major benefit of prefab homes is efficiency, starting from the speedy, precise construction process to the innovative green features readily built into the . Eco-friendly cred: Reclaimed wood exterior and flooring, green roof planted with wild flowers, basic 2 kWp solar PV system that can supply 25 percent of.. Various Types of Green Roof Systems Come .

The water stored in the tanks, which reside on a lower roof deck, is pumped up to the upper main roof where it is used to irrigate the plant material during periods of low precipitation. Between our green . A modular green roof system consists of self-contained individual units which collectively comprise a complete system

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That's why we developed our RapidDeck pre-fab modular decking system, which allows you to create any size deck around your building (or on your roof) and even modify or grow your deck over . If fiberglass isn't right for your build, we also build with EPDM rubber roofing, which can also support a roof deck or green roof

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Mid-range, 5-inch, systems weigh approximately 34 pounds per square foot and are compatible with wood or steel decks. Heavier intensive green roofs . There are good reasons that modular systems virtually disappeared from the German green roof marketplace 15 20 years ago. These reasons include (a) erratic and..

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extensive green roof types. Modular green roof technology is a method for roof covering system that comprises the following operations: the design of modular green roof system to be covered; mounting the waterproofing layer over the rooftop deck; installation of adjustable leveling devices on the waterproofing layer and..

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Jan 26, 2018 . We needed a decking system that was durable, fireproof and most importantly MODULAR. We saw so many of these patios and roof decks with ugly surfaces that were barely usable, yet had complicated utilities across them which can not remove, yet another issue. The answer was to go up in height and..

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Firestone Building Products is committed to offering quality, sustainable commercial roofing systems and accessories. From polyiso insulation to reflective membranes, Firestone's product offering makes it easier to be green. Following are links to some of Firestone's most environmentally-friendly products and systems

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Modular Green Roof Systems. Sullivan Engineering & DeckRepairPROS provides Green Roof Systems in a variety of design possibilities with modular tray options. Specifying a system that provides the environmental benefits of cleaner air, reduced water run-off and energy conservation, with the dependability of..

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Urbanscape Modular Green Roof is a complete system, which consists of Urbanscape Root Membrane and Urbanscape Module with 3 layers

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Deck² Easy Build Softwood Modular Deck System - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends