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On the Convergence of Laminated Composite Plates of . - MDPI

Mar 14, 2018 . The present work considers a computational study on laminated composite plates by using a linear theory for moderately thick structures. The present problem is solved . Both techniques are based on the domain decomposition technique according to geometric discontinuities. The SFEM solves the strong..

Buckling of Laminated Composite Plates by a New Element Based .

Nov 30, 2010 . The simple higher-order shear deformation theory proposed by Reddy has been successfully implemented in a triangular element recently developed by the authors. In this paper the element is applied to buckling of composite plates to study its performance. In this plate theory the transverse shear stress..

Buckling and vibration of laminated composite plates using various .

(2018) A hybrid discontinuous Galerkin semi-discrete finite element method for skewed and curved laminated beams/plates/shells based on Delta function. Composite Structures 187, 364-384. Online publication date: 1-Mar-2018. Metin Aydogdu, Tolga Aksencer. (2018) Buckling of cross-ply composite plates with linearly..

Damage Detection in Laminated Composite Plates . - Science Direct

Sustainable Development of Civil, Urban and Transportation Engineering Conference . Based on the above considerations, the damage localization method for laminated composite plates using a modal . (MSRCR) as damage indicator is extended to identify the location of damage on laminated composite plates.

Isogeometric Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Using the .

Isogeometric analysis (IGA) aims at simplifying the computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) pipeline by using the same functions to describe the geometry (CAD) and the unknown fields (Analysis). IGA can be based on a variety of CAD descriptions, the most widely used today being..

Static and Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates .

Isogeometric analysis (IGA) based on nonuniform rational B-splines (NURBS) is applied for static and free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates by using the third order shear deformation theory (TSDT). TSDT requires C1-continuity of generalized displacements and NURBS basis functions are well-suited for this..

[1403.0307] Isogeometric finite element analysis of laminated . - arXiv

Mar 3, 2014 . Abstract: In this paper, a novel and effective formulation based on isogeometric approach (IGA) and Refined Plate Theory (RPT) is proposed to study the behavior of laminated composite plates. Using many kinds of higher-order distributed functions, RPT model naturally satisfies the traction-free boundary..

Linear Static Behavior of Damaged Laminated Composite Plates .

Jul 17, 2017 . The theoretical framework for the two-dimensional shell model is based on a unified formulation able to study and compare several Higher-order Shear Deformation Theories (HSDTs), including Murakami's function for the so-called zig-zag effect. Thus, various higher-order models are used and compared..