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Preservation Brief 45: Preserving Historic Wood Porches

To achieve this, existing evidence of the historic design, such as a baluster or column detail, or a tongue and groove floor design, should serve as a pattern for the replacement part. When replacing an element, it may provide a good opportunity to upgrade the wood to another species that is..

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Dec 27, 2010 . Tongue and groove is a technique used to secure lumber, on floors, outside walls and paneling. It employs a . If the porch or other floor or the siding is rotted, that may give you a starting point. But you have to . Continue this way until you have removed all damaged boards or all that you want to replace

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Jun 27, 2016 . Instead of trying to restore a feature that is not original, the best approach might be to build something new using treated tongue and groove milled boards coated in oil-based deck paint. Porch post dry rot. Dry rot in a porch post. (Photo: Cliff Zenor). Wooden porch posts or columns can also experience rot,..

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Jan 7, 2013 . If you have an old house with a front porch with a wood floor. You will want to view this video . How to replace wood flooring. It gives tips how to remove . You REALLY need to tell people to prime ALL sides of the wood, including the tongue, groove and especially the underside. Otherwise it will just warp..

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Dec 28, 2002 . As I will be getting a mill within the next month I am starting to collect logs so I can get right to cutting. One of my first projects will be to replace the tongue and groove flooring on my front porch. The pine flooring has been in place for less than four years and is already starting to rot. The porch is covered and..

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If you're replacing tongue-and-groove boards, you have to cut the bottoms of the grooves off the boards that go in the last row with a tablesaw. You then drop the boards into the space and top-nail them to the joists

Replacing A Damaged Tongue-And-Groove Board In 7 Easy Steps .

Apr 6, 2010 . Damaged board paneling reacts well to a variety of techniques for repairing minor scratches and slashes, dents, and even deep gouges. But if the damaged paneling is too severe, you may want to replace one or more of the damaged tongue and groove boards. Be sure to carefully match any new paneling..