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Learn about the different types and species of hardwood floors to help you make the right wood flooring decision for your home

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Hardwood Construction. Comparison chart showing the types of hardwood flooring construction. Hardwood floors can be installed on any level of your home and are available in multiple constructions to allow for installation flexibility over different subfloors and to mitigate moisture. Identify your subfloor and level of your..

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has higher initial material costs but lower installation costs than unfinished types of hardwood flooring. Since no staining and finishing are necessary, a professionally installed prefinished hardwood floor is often less expensive than a professionally installed unfinished hardwood floor. In the long run, you'll probably pay..

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May 18, 2009 . Durability isn't easily defined. It can mean resistance to moisture, dents or scratches or it can mean longevity. Wood floor durability depends on type, species, finish and manufacturing process. Most wood flooring is durable and can stand up to pets, children and a certain amount of abuse, but depending on..

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Choosing the type of hardwood floor that best fits your space and DIY abilities is an important step in planning the installation of your new floor. Don't confuse floor type with wood variety -- we'll cover selection of wood variety in the next section. For now, let's discuss the three main types of hardwood floors to consider

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Hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity and is one of the most durable choices -- especially when choosing a pre-finished hardwood floor to install. Some pre-finished hardwood flooring comes with a 50-year manufacturer's warranty. With some basic carpentry skills and a few tips, installing a hardwood floor is a..

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Knowing how hardwood is constructed provides you with an understanding of the hardwood floor right from its beginning. That's important information because these are the materials you'll be living with and walking on for years to come should you choose this flooring product. Knowing the different types that make up..

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Although wood is a simple, classic flooring material, today's choices of finishes and wood types can be overwhelming. Use our advice to select the best look for your kitchen

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We are seeing a growing trend with homeowners opting for these exotic species because they provide a natural warmth and offer more of a one-of-a-kind appearance than a traditional oak floor. Typically, exotic wood species score higher on the Janka Hardness Scale than standard domestic wood species do. Exotic wood..

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Tile. Tile. Tile · Browse Tile · Wall · Countertops · Floor · Backsplash. Tile Guides. About Tile · Trends & Inspiration · Installation · Care & Maintenance · Warranty . Floor. Get Started. The Mohawk Family. Mohawk. 1-800-2Mohawk (800-266-4295). · · · · ·. Flooring Products. Carpet; Wood; Tile · Luxury Vinyl · Rugs..

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With a little basic understanding about the different types of wood floors you can be better prepared and more confident in your selection. Wood floors are produced in both solid and engineered planks and strips and come in a wide variety of wood species. To help determine which type of floor will work best for your..

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The location is one of the most important questions because not all hardwood is suited for below grade rooms. Actually, only engineered hardwood is suited to be installed in this type of area and is one of my personal favorites. Unlike hardwood, engineered flooring can be installed over existing concrete floors in a..

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Engineered Wood. A Closer Look at the Two Types of Hardwood Flooring . Many hardwood shoppers don't realize there are two types of wood solid and engineered. Both solid and . Engineered Hardwood: Engineered wood can be sanded and refinished several times throughout the life of the floor. If your durability..

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You often can tell what kind of wood your floor is made from just by looking at it. Many species, such as oak, pine and fir, are easily recognizable. What you can't tell by looking at the surface, however, is whether the boards are solid or engineered, and that is an important factor to consider before sanding the floor. Moreover..

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Brushed and oiled - Steel brushes are used in the direction of the grain which opens up the surface of the wood and removes splinters. The wood is then oiled. Polyurethane - Polyurethane floor finishes were first introduced around 1942. There are several types of polyurethane finishes that..

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Oct 23, 2013 . Engineered wood is made of a veneer layer that sits atop a core of plywood. This construction deals with moisture a bit better and is recommended for concrete slab subfloors. Which brings up another point. The construction of the floor you're working with pretty much will dictate what kind of wood you can..