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Untreated sapwood of virtually all species has very little decay resistance. You can expect a . Heartwood of these species generally provide rot-free performance in an untreated state. Water repellent . These recommendations are good for all wood decks, but pressure treated southern pine seems particularly sensitive

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Aug 7, 2017 . This is the origin of the requirement that lumber used for framing that's closer than 18 inches to the ground must be naturally durable or preservative-treated. This provision (2012 IRC, R317.1) applies to under-floor areas that are within the periphery of the building foundation, and not necessarily to decks

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Nov 24, 2016 . How will untreated pine hold up. I realize I will need to apply new varnish every few years. 2. By using the T and G the water and snow will have nowhere to go. Is this going to be an issue?The deck is a north/northeast exposure. 3. If I use the typical 5/4 how much space between boards? I hate PT wood

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Sep 29, 2017 . Mahogany and Ipe Decks. Mahogany and ipe are both very hard woods with beautiful natural color that resist scratches better than cedar and pine. Hard woods are a good option for people with pets, children, and high-traffic yard spaces that prefer the look and feel of wood. Both mahogany and ipe resist..

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The first step in building anything is choosing the right materials. If your project involves wood, you're going to have to decide between treated and untreated lumber. So what's the difference between the two? And at the end of the day, does it even matter? The short answer is yes, it matters -- especially if you happen to be..

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Jun 28, 2014 . While stainless steel fasteners won't corrode, they're expensive, which doesn't make them practical especially if you're trying to save some money by going with PT lumber in the first place. Your best bet is to use vinyl-coated green wood/deck screws. These are resistant to the chemicals in PT wood and..

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Mar 10, 2015 . Ever wondered about the differences between treated and untreated wood, and how that translates into your projects? Wonder no more - details are here!How to Build a Deck With Untreated Wood | Hunker

May 5, 2010 . A wood deck is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. A deck can be made out of most any wood, but cedar, white oak, teak and redwood are popular choices because those woods are naturally resistant to insects and decay. Although you can find lumber with a quality finish..

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May 5, 2014 . Among the many choices of wood for deck construction, pine remains one of the most common. The estimated costs of pine decking materials for 2014, without factoring in labor, are approximately:How Long to Wait Before Staining a New Wood Deck - Facebook

I want to stain my new treated lumber deck, but I'm told I have to wait several weeks. Is that true? -Gerald. Pressure treated wood decking is often delivered still wet with preservative. It needs time to dry out before finishing, so the stain will absorb into the wood. How long you need to wait before staining will vary depending..

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Untreated, it can create permanent deck damage. Home centers sell various mildew removers, but the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association suggests mixing your own: In a pump-style garden sprayer combine 3 quarts of cold water, 12 quarts of oxygen bleach and ¼ cup of ammonia-free liquid dish detergent

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Mar 1, 2007 . To improve the penetration of preservative into hem-fir lumber, its sides are slashed, or incised. Incised pressure treated lumber is not very attractive, so there are places, such as upper-level decks, where untreated lumber is used for beams and posts. Because the IRC specifies that decks be made from..

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Contact Bayou City Lumber for help and guidance when looking to answer the question where can I buy deck lumber in Houston. . Treated and untreated wood available. Image that shows . One of the first of which will be trying to determine what the best choice of wood is when choosing the deck lumber for the project

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Sep 26, 2017 . Letting a new wooden deck "go naked" for even two years, without proper staining or sealing, can seriously damage the wood. Most deck staining products today include built-in sealants, but you can also add top coats of sealant to further preserve the wood from moisture and unsightly leaf-tannin stains

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Jun 3, 2014 . It seems a waste to me to buy decking for my deck expansion when I have plenty of lumber and logs with which to make more lumber. What are your thoughts on using untreated spruce for a deck? It would be painted with a good quality deck stain/paint. Or should I just limit the use of the untreated stuff to..

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as pine is not recommended for building decks. In some parts of the country untreated wood can last for a few years; but in the warm, humid climate of Tennes- see, untreated wood will quickly rot and won't last long enough to justify any cost savings. Extension. DECKING. LUMBER. OPTIONS. Treated wood. Preservative

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Treated lumber may be your best bet if you truly intend to build a deck with a painted finish. It is only marginally more expensive than untreated lumber, yet still less than half the cost of cedar, redwood or plastic decking. Allow treated lumber decks to age six weeks to three months to ensure that the chemicals have dried out..

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A version of this article appears in print on January 22, 1981, on Page C00004 of the National edition with the headline: Q. I have a wood deck outside my house that is made of untreated wood. I stained this deck with a widely advertised brand of heavybodied oil base shingle stain, but I have been told that outside decks will..

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May 15, 2015 . When you're selecting the lumber for your next project, you need to think about the type you're going to use. As always, you should assess exactly what you need out of your lumber so that you can make the best investment possible. Today we're going to talk about treated and untreated lumber