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CityscapePainting.com How To Care For Your Finishes - Painted, Stained, Varnished, Interior, Exterior and Decks. . with very little maintenance. Most wood surfaces can be maintained using commonly available cleaners such as Pledge and Murphy's Oil Soap. . Start by occasionally rinsing your deck floor clean. Next, it is..

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Jul 14, 2015 . Vermont Natural Coatings Wood Cleaner removes dust, dirt, grease, grime, food and stains with an innovative non-toxic formulation that is safe for residential and . Use as a pre-cleaner before and during finishing and for daily maintenance or deep cleaning on all interior and exterior wood surfaces

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Use floor mats near your entry doors. You can reduce hardwood floor cleaning time and wear by adding mats at your entrances. Position mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt. Tiny particles, like dirt, can act like sandpaper and scratch your wood. By placing a floor mat at each entryway and..

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following are examples of the simple and necessary maintenance you should perform to help keep your floors looking great. Dirt, grit and sand act like sandpaper to scratch, dent and dull hardwood floors. You should place floor mats at exterior entrances to trap dirt. Avoid walking on floor with high heels or spiked shoes..

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Reclaimed Wood Siding Care & Maintenance. The degree of . All wood, regardless of species, when exposed to exterior elements will eventually turn gray. . It is the sole responsibility of the installer and/or the floor finisher and cleaning professionals to adequately test and determine specific products and applications

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Keep gravel and sand outside. The first thing you can do for your wood floor is get a good door matt to clean and dry shoes before coming in. Ideally both in and outside the door

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Jul 15, 2016 . A new wood deck provides a warm, handsome connection with the outdoors, adding to a home's beauty and setting the stage for a world of outdoor . clean wood decking o0o0xmods0o0o | MorgueFile. Clean the surface of wood decking to get it looking great. First use a leaf blower or broom to blow all of..

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Apr 25, 2012 . I have been a disobedient daughter. :-( My parents moved into a new house several weeks ago, and my Mom asked me for advice about how to clean and care for her new wood floors. . ruin your wood floors. Position mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt. In snowy or rainy..

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Monocoat Natural Oil finish bonding technology allows local touch up of damaged areas or scratches. Sand the repair area as needed to remove damage and expose wood. Dampen the area with water. Allow to completely dry. Apply with a cotton cloth, the same color oil that was used originally to coat the floor

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WOCA Exterior Cleaner. Intensive outdoor wood cleaner from WOCA WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner is an intensive wood cleaner for the regular cleaning of all outdoor wood, including decking, wood fences and garden furniture. View Product Details. $33.00 $65.00Select options..

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of the wood floor. Placing walk-off and entrance mats designed to catch dirt and grit in heavy traffic areas helps protect the floor. Horner Flooring recommends placing mats directly outside or at the entrances of the floor. Regular cleaning and vacuuming of mats will ensure best results. Monthly and Quarterly Floor Care

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. including harsh sunshine, and heavy rain and snow. Introducing Bona Decking System - a fast and convenient solution that involves two unique processes of deep cleaning and protection . Protection. Bona Decking Oil seeps deep into the wood and gives robust protection to outdoor wooden decks all year round

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Learn a few simple cleaning steps to help keep your wood and composite deck tiles looking beautiful and new. These tips will . However, they still require a regular maintenance regimen to keep your outdoor space looking its best. Here are . If the oil persists, you can clean it using a decking stain remover. Always be sure..

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Floors take on a lotfrom daily traffic, to the inevitable spills and mishaps. The best way to clean hardwood floors starts with smart preventive measures, which not only help protect floors, but also cut down on the time you'll spend cleaning. Place floor mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt

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The surface of wooden decking gets weather beaten over time. The surface . Therefore, proper wood treatment and maintenance is required in order to keep the wooden deck beautiful and long lasting. However . As soon as the wooden deck is clean and completely dry, the WOCA Exterior Oil can be applied. Make the..