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Hollowcore plank is a prestressed concrete member primarily used for floor and roof decks. Serving as a combined deck and ceiling system, the planks erect quickly to reduce on-site labor needs and are capable of spanning long open spaces to aid design flexibility. Continuous, interior voids add structural stability, reduce..

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Precast concrete beams (rectangular beams, inverted tee beams, and L-beams) are typically considered structural components that support deck components such as double tees and hollow-core slabs. Square or rectangular precast concrete columns typically support cross members such as beams, spandrels, or panels

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erection. Plank can be set on steel immediately after the steel is secured properly. Figure 1. HOLLOW. CORE. PLANK. BEARING AREA. HOLLOW. CORE. PLANK . A6: The erector (Mack or otherwise) is typically responsible for grouting all precast-to- precast seams and any . Pressure washing the deck is best. Check with..

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A hollow core slab is a precast, prestressed con- crete member with continuous voids provided to reduce weight and, therefore, cost and, as a side benefit, to use for concealed electrical or mechan- ical runs. Primarily used as floor or roof deck sys- tems, hollow core slabs also have applications as wall panels, spandrel..

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Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Certified. Plant insures a quality product manufactured under strict regulations. PRODUCT OVERVIEW. Hollowcore is an extruded, prestressed concrete slab with continuous voids to reduce weight and cost. It is primarily used as a floor and roof deck system. Hollowcore is very..

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6 ". 8 ". 10 ". 12 ". 16 ". Technical Guide For Precast,. Prestressed Concrete Hollowcore Plank. Oldcastle. Precast. Hollowcore. Plank. Building Systems ... (does not apply to top deck surface left rough to receive a topping or to visually concealed surfaces). Plank weight: Excess concrete material in the plank internal features..

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Dec 22, 2014 . Photo 1 shows a close-up of a truckload of hollow core precast concrete plank being delivered to a construction job site. These plank are 12 inches (30.5 cm) thick and will become part of a floor-ceiling assembly separating two floors of offices. The plank on this truck are of two types: insulated and..

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Long Span Construction Hollow core plank allows longer spans, much thinner decks and greater rigidity when compared with steel or wood joist flooring systems, and is lighter than poured-in-place concrete construction. Due to the hollow core prestressed design, span length is increased. This eliminates obstructing..

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Primarily used for floors and roof decks, Hollow Core is a precast slab of prestressed concrete designed for greater structural efficiency. Molin Concrete offers two types of Hollow Core plank: Flexicore and Extruded. Our product options give you the design flexibility you need while reducing your lead time

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Hollowcore. Precast floors and in particular hollowcore floors offer many advantages over alternative methods, such as in-situ concrete, metal deck and timber. Prestressed hollowcore floors provide the most economical flooring system for the widest variety of situations in masonry, steel and concrete structures, providing the..

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With its strong, durable, uniform deck, hollowcore becomes the forming surface for a cast-in-place concrete topping which helps provide diaphragm action and enhanced structural performance. The finished surface is ready for carpet, tile, marble, or other finishes. Hollowcore can also provide a finished ceiling surface that..

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Building Products: Architectural Walls, Architectural Insulated Walls, Insulated Wall Panels, Hallow-core Slabs, Double Tees, Columns, Building Beams, Structural Wall Panels, Flat Slabs, Joists & Soffits, Precast Stairs, Piling, Sheet Piling, Deck Slabs/Box Girders. . Markets: Parking, Facilities: Commercial, Healthcare,..

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CONCRETE PLANK PRODUCERS. Company. Product Description. Cement Industries, Inc. 239.332.1440. Manufactures and installs Spancrete hollow-core plank used in the construction of condominiums, schools, hotels, parking garages, stadiums, warehouses, bridge decks, and many other..

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Hollow-core slabs are used predominantly for floor and roof deck components for various structures such as residential, hotel, office buildings, schools, and prisons. Typical widths: 2, 4, and 8 ft; some precast producers offer 10 and 12 ft widths. Typical depths: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, and 16 in. Typical span-to-depth ratios: Floors:..

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Precast, Prestressed Hollowcore Planking is used primarily as a floor, roof, mezzanine area or tilt-up wall panel in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. It also has found widespread application in residential construction as maintenance-free porches, decks, wine cellars, safe rooms and garage floors where..