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Researchers develop biodegradable substitutes for wood, plastic .

Mar 17, 2009 . ( -- Stanford University researchers have developed a synthetic wood substitute that may one day save trees, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink landfills

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Startup Develops Eco-Friendly Material to Replace Wood and Plastic

Oct 16, 2013 . Zeoform aims to replace plastic and wood. Its 100% non-toxic material has the beauty of wood, the strength of fiberglass and the versatility of plastic

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Mar 19, 2008 . There's nothing new about plastic as a substitute for other materials. From its very beginnings, plastic took the place of whalebone, tortoiseshell, wood, and stone. The reasons for substitution were simple: availability and cost. Mixing up a vat of combustible celluloid had its risks, but they were small..

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Alternatives to Arsenic-Treated Wood - Access Washington -

Oct 1, 2006 . lung cancers have been related to exposure from the chemicals used in CCA-treated wood. Alternatives to CCA Treated Wood. The most feasible alternatives to CCA-treated wood include wood treated with chemicals other than arsenic, plastic lumber and slow-decaying wood such as cedar or redwood

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As of now the regular stumps are made of solid wood. I am in search of a lightweight alternative for the wooden stump. The material should be able to withstand the force of the ball which typically travels at 80 mph. Is there any cheap and lightweight plastic material that can drastically reduce the weight of the stump and still..

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The promise of wood-plastic composites. Learn how plastics combined with reclaimed wood are emerging as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics. download..

Plastic Wood From Urban Waste Recycled Plastics as a Substitute .

The comparative study of some commercial types of Brazilian woods and the recycled plastic product IMAWDDD was performed, following an usual method for natural wood characterization. Plastic Wood From Urban Waste Recycled. Plastics as a Substitute for Lumber. The classic natural engineering material, wood,

Plastic Wood a new material that is replacing lumber in construction

Jun 11, 2013 . Ever heard of plastic wood? It is a composite material consisting of waste wood mixed with plastic. For environmentalists it represents a dilemma. Plastic wood is a substitute for lumber so it conceivably saves trees. But plastic wood during manufacturing is emission intensive when compared to the..

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Plastic wood. Another growing segment of the deck market is basically the plastic recycled or not of composites without any wood fibers. Like composite decking, plastic wood requires no maintenance. Of course, it's hard to make plastic look exactly like wood, so it's not a perfect aesthetic substitute. In many other ways,..

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Dec 22, 2008 . A "green" Nativity scene? This one is meant to be, made from liquid wood, a bio-plastic derived from wood pulp-based lignin. The strong, nontoxic alternative to petroleum-based plastics is being touted as a replacement for products ranging from toys and golf tees to speaker boxes and car parts

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Contrary to common belief, fungi are extremely complex, versatile organisms. As a matter of fact, mycelium develops faster than any other living tissue and can potentially outlive most species on the planet. Mushrooms have long been known for their nutritional and medicinal value but, just like mycelium..

Stanford researchers develop biodegradable substitutes for wood .

Mar 17, 2009 . The faux lumber is made from a new biodegradable plastic that could be used in a variety of building materials and perhaps replace the petrochemical plastics now used in billions of disposable water bottles. "This is a great opportunity to make products that serve a societal need and respect and protect the..

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According to EcoWatch statistics, the average American throws away about 185 pounds of plastic each year. That's a staggering number. And, even more staggering, almost every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in some shape or form. Just in terms of plastic bags alone, about 500 billion are used worldwide which

Substitution potentials of recycled HDPE and wood particles from .

Cascade use of resources and valorisation of waste are potential strategies to overcome resource scarcity. Under experimental design conditions, WPC made from post-consumer recycled wood and plastic (HDPE) were compared to WPC made from virgin resources. Wood content in the polymer matrix was raised in two..