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I thought this would be a fun thing to do (and perhaps set a precedent on post a picture with the results of my question. . Since the deck is not attached to the house, if there is some heave, it wont do any damage, and I can always dig some concrete holes under those two corners..

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Jun 8, 2011 . Do you need to attach a ledger to house?Or can you attach joists to the concrete? Thanks for any advice

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Whether you're adding a deck to your house yourself, or hiring someone to do it, it's important that it's done right. Watch this video to see the steps that go into adding a deck or enhancing your patio. How to Build a Deck. Deck Foundation: Laying out the location, digging holes for the footings, pouring the concrete, and laying..

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My wife and I have been back and forth on whether to build a deck or get a concrete patio. We planned on moving within the next few years so we didn't want to pay for something now and then pay for something all over again when we move. So we decided to put in the back burner UNTIL we found this product. My wife and..

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I would either build 2 decks and connect them or 1 concrete patio to connect them. I am connecting 2 outdoor patios on the back of my house. 24 Answers. Southern Trillium LLC Stone Mountain, GA. on Mar 16, 2012. One big factor is whether the existing terrain is level. If the area is not level, it will require retaining walls to..

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Jul 26, 2017 . Patios require significantly less material and labor and can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the size. The average cost for a 16 x 12-foot concrete patio using heavy concrete pavers will be around $700 for a DIY project. Typically, professional installation of the same-sized patio made of poured..

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Apr 6, 2001 . Concealing an aged concrete patio with a naturally beautiful redwood deck will add immeasurable value and ambience to your outdoor entertainment area. Knotty redwood garden grades, such as. Construction Common or Deck Common, are economical choices for all outdoor projects. For decking and..

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Plus, the labor to install a deck will be nearly equal to the cost of materials. Patios are flat, ground-level structures that can be made of a variety of materials, ranging from stamped concrete to laid brick pavers. The cost of patio supplies will vary, depending on the materials selected. For example, as of 2011 a patio made of..