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Add TSP and bleach to water and mix thoroughly. Use deck brush to scrub wood surface. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. Your deck is clean, but you may still have some wood darkening or discoloration as a result of weathering or the accumulation of tannins. To remove these stains, clean with oxalic acid or a deck..

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Deck Boards/Stair Treads. 2x4, 2x6 or 5/4x6. Railing Posts. 4x4. Rails. 2x4 or 2x6. Spindles. 2x2. Skirtboards/Fascia. 1x8, 1x10 or 1x12. Other Materials Needed. Ready-Mix Concrete or Bagged Concrete. Concrete Pier Blocks. Exterior Caulk. Construction Adhesive. 1/2 Stainless Steel Drift Pins. Joist Hangers

Flip Your Old Deck Boards Before Shelling Out for a New Deck

Aug 22, 2009 . That and when you do get new wood, get . That stuff is super strong and after 2 years has yet to start fading or showing any real signs of wear and tear. While it may not look as good as a stained deck, it does look better than a worn wood deck. Note it is not actually wood, but a recycled plastic/wood mix

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From oil-based vs. water-based (latex; acrylic) stains, to deck stain color ideas, all these wood staining tips should be taken into consideration before you start your .. all supposed to be the same color, occasionally they can vary slightly, so mixing them all together will prevent uneven color appearance over the entire area

Does mixing decks in Agricola reduce the chance of synergies .

I'm going to go with my gut response here (again) and say that mixing the decks does dilute the game, but not so much by "reducing the chance of getting strong combos". more by increasing the chance of being dealt a powerful hand! The key deck to examine here is the I-deck. The other two (core set)..

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Feb 7, 2018 . The deck you see here I built last summer. It has pressure treated decking, cedar posts and railing with copper balusters. We allowed the deck to dry out and age a season as I do not like the look of new wood but prefer a little bit of weathering to match our 1892 home. Here is how we proceeded. First we..

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If you decide to refresh or change your color, apply stain followed by at least one coat of waterproof sealer. Banish mildew as soon as you see it. Untreated, it can create permanent deck damage. Home centers sell various mildew removers, but the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association suggests mixing your own: In a..

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Quick Facts. For use on siding, fences and decks; Safely removes exterior paints and finishes; Do not dilute with water or mix with other chemicals; Oil-based formulas available; Removes oil-based finishes..

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Jun 28, 2014 . The most popular are decks and fences, and the most popular material for these types of projects is wood, by a long shot. When it comes to outdoor wood projects and materials, the three big contenders are pressure-treated or PT wood, cedar and composite. They each have their pros and cons, but what it..

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Feb 26, 2017 . On their website, Thompson's Water Seal states a basic rule-of-thumb for choosing between these two related but different products, which is built on the following observation: "the more wood grain you want to see, the more often you will have to re-coat your deck over time." Thus, at one end of the..

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Clean Wet the wood with water from a hose or a power-washer tip held at least 18 inches from the surface. (A wet deck disperses the cleaning solution evenly.) Mix the deck cleaner according to the directions on the container and apply it to the wet wood with a pump sprayer. Wait about 10 minutes for the cleaner to work

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A safe, long-lasting deck needs proper footings and solid framing. Here's what you need . To help prevent rotting, this deck will have wooden posts attached to concrete footers above ground. For either . Our Concrete Holes or Pillars Calculator helps you estimate how many bags of concrete mix you need to set your posts

How to Blend New and Old Deck Boards | Best Deck Stain Reviews .

There are many reasons why you would have a mix of new and old deck boards but it can be a common situation. The most frequent reason is that some of the boards needed replaced due to decay or wood rot while other board were still in good condition. It is also very common for a deck owner to protect the deck with a..