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Maple hardwood flooring comes in several grades, which identify the quality of the wood's appearance. Grade 1 is the most expensive type of maple flooring because it has a clear, uniform look with no evidence of knots or growth characteristics. Grade 2 has a mostly clean appearance, but there may be some darker areas..

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The Quality and Affordability of Launstein Plainsawn Hardwood Floors is Perfect for your Home or Business. The Most important Benefit of Hardwood Flooring . . Launstein Hardwood 3/8" Solid Plainsawn Flooring 2 Grades Available. Plainsawn Clear Grade Unfinished. Contains color variations, pronounced grain..

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This list gives a detailed overview of our engineered hardwood flooring grades & sizes. Arrow Wood produces a wide range of engineered hardwood flooring. Our customers can select Grade A to D for their hardwood flooring. We also offer a quarter sawn grade, which gives the wood a clean look and texture that could be..

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Apr 5, 2013 . One of the most frustrating issues in flooring is having a beautiful new hardwood floor installed that doesn't look like what the customer expected. Problems concerning the appearance of different grades of flooring are among the most numerous complaints that flooring contractors have to deal with

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Some people like uniform coloration within hardwood flooring, others like a lot of color variation. Some do not like knots and/or pinholes, others think this adds beauty. Quality differences between all wood flooring can be considerable, depending on the type and grade of hardwood flooring purchased as well as who the..

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Maxwell Hardwood Flooring is a manufacturer of quality solid oak unfinished strip hardwood flooring products for nail or glue down installation. . graded according to the natural characteristics of their appearance and all Maxwell Hardwood Flooring is produced and graded according to NOFMA Certified Grade Standards

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The type of wood Oak hardwood flooring, pine floors, etc is one of the most important. Second to that, is the style of . Now, review the flooring panels below featuring #1 lumber grade milled into flooring, and a proprietary flooring grade both of Hickory flooring, both creating a clear floor. But the flooring grade panel..

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One of the tips in choosing quality solid wood flooring is to know what you're purchasing there are several grades that have their own particular price points and visuals. Prefinished flooring is available in most all wood species and stain colors. It is important to remember that wood flooring is a product of nature and no two..

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Grading of hardwood floors is more prevalent with unfinished flooring as it is with prefinished. Reasons being Video on this page you will find prefinished manufacturers prefer to stay within a defined area of flooring that is basically more uniform in appearance, unless otherwise specified. (character grades excluded)

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SELECT A GRADE. When choosing the look you are hoping to achieve, keep in mind that appearance determines the grade of flooring and all of our NOFMA grades are equally serviceable flooring products. Each grade meets the same high standards for machining quality and all grades are made from high-quality flooring..

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National Hardwood Flooring Association hardwood flooring variations and color options. Contact us today, 1-800-422-4556 to see which color matches your room

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Maine Traditions Unfinished Red Oak is the top choice among professional flooring installers. Available in 2 1/4", 3 1/4", 4", & 5" widths. Select & Better Grade Our Select & Better grade unfinished flooring is produced to promote the true quality of Red Oak and Hard Maple. This grade features clear sapwood, with only..

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Learn about solid vs engineered hardwood flooring types and hardwood floor selection tips, from wood floor styles, quality, construction, species and . Above grade, over approved wooden subfloors. . Floors you'd like to install on any level of the home; rooms in need of a stable product with multiple installation options


Oct 6, 2015 . I'm beginning to realize that a lot of people out there don't know that there are different grades of hardwood flooring! Each grade has its own particular characteristics and appearance. Especially pertaining to Oak hardwood flooring, the 3 most commonly used grades are: Select, #1 Common, and #2..

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Combination of clear and select grades. The most standard high grade hardwood flooring sold on the world market. Excellent appearance. Variation in the natural sapwood color (sticker stain is not considered a defect). Limited character marks. Sound knots of less than 1/8" x 4" (3 x 100 mm). No stains, checks, or splits

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May 26, 2012 . Technically, the quality of the wood (as measured by hardness/durability) is the same across all the grades. The differences between the grades are their appearances. Some people prefer the higher color consistency that you find in select grade; others prefer more color variation that you find in Number 1..

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Jul 17, 2011 . In order to help you make the choice of wood grading for your hardwood flooring here are some of the characteristics of each grade: Prime Grade. Prime Grade is the highest . If this quality of wood grade does contain knots, they tend to be small and unobtrusive. Furthermore the sap content of this wood is..

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Which genuine hardwood flooring is right for you depends on where you plan to install the floor; what the subfloor is; the moisture level of the underlying surface; how you want your floor to look; and, of course, your budget. Where and Why. You'll hear the terms above grade and below grade.Above grade means it's..

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Mar 16, 2015 . In addition to their species and color, Kentwood floors are also described by a 'grade'. . In terms of manufacturing quality, all grades are identical. In other . Our premium grade. Boards will be mostly clear with smooth grain and consistent color. Classic hardwood elegance and sophisticated appearance

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Grade and cut influence a wood floor's species and can affect your hardwood's appearance. To learn more about wood flooring grade, cut and appearance visit us