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Information about fences and retaining walls. . About building consents. Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987. Under the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987, if a fence forms part of a swimming pool fence, separate rules and consents apply. . Rotting of the base of the timber posts. Posts not anchored sufficiently into the..

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Jan 21, 2014 . At first glance, a retaining wall looks like such a simple structure. Made from bricks, timber, concrete or other retaining wall materials, its beautiful facade seems to effortlessly support the weight of the soil behind it. Take a closer look, though, and you'll discover just how much engineering goes into a..

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Nov 22, 2016 . If you are proposing to construct a retaining wall on your property, for projects like landscaping, fencing or a swimming pool, you will need to make sure the retaining wall meets these regulations. You might even need building approval

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Feb 10, 2015 . This is a determination under Part 3 Subpart 1 of the Building Act 2004. 1 . 2 In this determination, unless otherwise stated, references to sections are to sections of the Act and references to clauses are to clauses of the . The building work consists of a timber retaining wall constructed on or near the


RETAINING WALLS. Even low retaining walls can be exposed to large forces from water, the earth behind them and nearby cars or buildings. They need to be well designed and built to prevent failure. By Alide Elkink . Under Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004, the . timber or precast concrete planks are installed

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A retaining wall has to be strong enough to support the load of soil pressing against it. This load determines the size of poles and the thickness of retaining timber to be used so that the poles or timber do not break. However, the most important part of the wall is the part below the ground that anchors it. If the footings..

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Nov 11, 2014 . APPROVAL. REQUIRED. PRIOR TO. PROCEEDING. WITH. TIMBER RETAINING WALLS. Retaining Wall Residential. Inspector. Timber Wall and dead-man placement. Back fill (104)*. Final. Residential. Inspector. Final Inspection. (118)*. REINFORCED MASONRY OR CONCRETE RETAINING WALLS

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Jul 12, 2016 . Different exemptions apply depending on the type of retaining wall you are building. Retaining wall above ground level. This is a "fill" retaining wall where the purpose is to retain top soil placed upon the ground above natural ground level. Retaining wall below ground level. This is a "cut-in" retaining wall..

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Retaining walls in particular contribute significantly to the surroundings when constructed in timber. The natural appeal and versatility of timber is ideal for this application. The purpose of . and construction of timber retaining walls in residential settings and shall not be ... Australian Standards used for design. AS1170.1..


In accordance with the Queensland Building Act 1975, a building approval is required for the construction of a retaining wall where any of the following apply: . Timber Queensland provides a technical data sheet - Timber Retaining Walls for Residential Applications. . Concrete Masonry Association of Australia provides..

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Page 1200mm Wide Timber Boardwalk . Page Design Standards For Natural Turf Sports Fields .. considering whether a fall height barrier may be required, depending on the height of the retaining wall and topography above and below the wall; considering geotechnical, structural and drainage requirements; assessing..

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A retaining wall plan and permit is required for walls over three (3) feet in height (measured from the top of the wall to the top of the footing). The plan must be submitted to this office for review and approval, prior to the construction permit. Refer to the City checklist for . Timber or railroad tie walls are not considered standard..

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The Building Act 2004 provides for exemptions of some retaining walls built in rural zones; however, these . A building consent is not required for the construction or alteration of any retaining wall that retains not more than .. For timber pole retaining walls, the PS4 producer statement should include the inspection of the

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Timber retaining walls shall be constructed in accordance with the following: Lumber shall be 6x6, southern pine, grade #2 or better and preservative- treated in accordance with American. Wood Preservers' Association standards for ground contact. All spikes shall be 60d or equivalent, hot-dipped galvanized or stainless..

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Retaining Wall Permit (N 0 Fee). Property Owner(s): . for retaining wall: (Approved materials include textured concrete block, natural stone, manufactured stone block, and pressure treated timbers.) . Standards: All retaining walls shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with Ordinance No. 1765. Structural..

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TO BUILD A. RETAINING WALL. Square or Round timber posts treated against decay to H5 standard. For a 1.2 metre high wall the posts are 2.4 metres long. You will need one for each 1.3 metre length of wall plus one for the end. Ex150 mm diameter half-round timber rails treated against decay to H5 standard. These

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A guide to the consent application process for an retaining wall. Check if you need a consent to build a retaining wall, prepare a consent application and apply for a consent if you need one

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Jun 5, 2013 . In accordance with §112-26 of the Code of the Town of Smithtown, retaining walls of any character shall . IN-KIND REPLACEMENT The replacement of any retaining wall that has an exposed height, . C. Retaining walls may be constructed of either pressure-treated timber, mechanically stabilized