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ZAR Exterior Solid Color Deck & Siding Stain is specially formulated using DUAL RESIN technology to bring out the natural beauty of wood. Containing 100% acrylic resin and a unique alkyd, ZAR Deck & Siding Stain shields and protects against the damaging effects of rain, salt air and ultraviolet rays. Provides excellent..

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Jan 5, 2016 . Solid color stains provide a rich, opaque color that allows the texture of the wood to show. They accentuate the wood's texture, are self-priming, and compared to other types of finishes, they provide a high amount of protection for your surface

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We here at are proud to be the internet's number one reference for all things wood deck restoration related. In this article we talk strategy for picking out the perfect color for your wood stain project. We are always looking for ways to engage with our readers, so we appreciate your input, questions, and..

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Why Deck Stains Peel. Staining your deck is no simple task, and the frustration and disappointment that occur when the project comes out poorly can be overwhelming. One of the more common failures that you can experience is that the stain, whether semi-transparent or solid color, begins to peel away. To avoid the..

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Jul 26, 2010 . Semi transparent stains have a well-defined color that will show the grain and texture of the wood. This is similar to the look of interior wiping stain. The average lifespan is 2 years, maybe a little more if 2 coats are applied. Many colors are available. Semi solid deck stains are specific to one manufacturer:..

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Pressed pine, commonly used for decks, is green when unfinished. If the natural color bothers you, try a semitransparent or solid stain to cover it, Wilson says. Or match the stain to the wood: a green-tinted stain for pine, for example. Stain reapplied every two or three years freshens the appearance of the deck. Clean the..

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Weatherscreen Exterior Stain (Semi-Transparent). A semi-transparent stain that adds subtle color while allowing the natural wood grain and texture to show through. Specially formulated for decks. Learn More · Weatherscreen<sup> </sup> Exterior Stain (Solid Color)..

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Product Details. Stain & Sealant in One; Advanced Urethane-Fortified Technology provides tough protection against the elements; Ideal for adding rich, opaque color to wood decks, fences & siding and concealing light weathering and damage; Available in 51 colors..

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Providing not only weatherproof seals, but reinforcement and coverage for pitting and splintered wood, restoration paint is thicker than stain and sealant. For borderline cases, restoration paint can be a good alternative to completely replacing an old deck, adding years to an aging structure. Like solid-color sealant,..

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Lowe's offers a variety of wood stain colors for your deck and more on Find the best deck stains and wood sealants for your home. . Shop Stains & Resurfacers. Clear Stains · Transparent Stains · Semi-Solid/Semi-Transparent Stains · Solid Stains · Resurfacers. Step 3 | Get the Right Tools..

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You should not use solid color stains on your decking area, as they will not protect it against wood rot. You would be better to paint your furniture with a gloss and then add a finish over the top. Doors and window shutters can be painted using the solid color stains, but they will need redoing regularly, and you will need to..