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The majority of WOW's use has been in Lake Nagawicka in Southeast Wisconsin. WOW is a 20 Glen-L Riviera with an inboard 350 cubic inch V8 engine. The hull is constructed of white ash frames, okoume plywood inner laminations, and a Honduras mahogany outer layer. The exterior is sheathed with 4 oz. fiberglass..

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Most people are used to the ability of taking a stick of wood, bending it over their knee and breaking it in to pieces quite easily. How can it be so easy to break, yet still strong? You need to consider how little that stick weighs, if you were to get a piece of plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber or even steel, of the same weight,..

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Having used WEST SYSTEM epoxy for other jobs, he turned to the technical staff at Gougeon for advice and assistance. While Gougeon does not typically visit vessels, J.R. Watson was attending a surveyor conference in Annapolis and agreed to look at Bounty Hunter. Any wooden boat repair has to be..

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The Wooden Boat Building program is in many ways the Renaissance program of the school, combining elements of each program. Students rely upon and interpret plans created by yacht designers, work with wood and composite materials to build boats and install marine electrical and propulsion systems. It is a powerful..

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They will also work with the modern techniques and materials used in the construction of wood/epoxy composite craft. The classroom curriculum is divided into 2 semesters. In the first semester students take Basic Joinery and Traditional Boat Building courses where they learn basic woodworking techniques and..

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My uncle Bill used to have a wooden boat. He was always working on it. He used to make me paint and varnish, too, if I wanted to go fishing. It was a drag. It leaked and rotted. Finally he got rid of it and bought a fiberglass boat. Why on earth would I want a wooden boat? Our boats are wooden boats, but they probably not..

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i have a speed boat that i am remaking. it has some really burnt out rotted wood in it. i would like to replace the wood with some kind of composite material. i know some productions companies make their entire oats with not an oz of wood. are there any materials or tips that i can use? quickredracer8, Feb..

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Jun 16, 2013 . Things have obviously changed drastically over the millennia, and today boats most typically are constructed out of wood, fiber reinforced plastic, composites, or a combination of all three. So while there are plenty of other ways to build a boat using aluminum, steel, wood planks, and even cement, we'll..

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Jun 22, 2013 . A mid-market composite, as used in many mass production boats, of woven fibreglass rovings vacuum bagged in polyester resin. White oak, air dried, as a representative boatbuilding wood. (We'll consider only the parallel-to-grain case.) The figures we'll use are, particularly for the composites, only..

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Magazine articles, Boat Reviews and our own customer's feedback all highly praise the elegance and sea-worthiness of Pygmy designs. In addition to great performance, you can paddle a Pygmy boat for one-third the price of a fiberglass boat! Fiberglass: The combination of Pygmy's wood, fiberglass cloth and epoxy..

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A few designers produce plans for stitch and glue boats engineered like fiberglass boats. The hulls are made of plywood panels welded together with fiberglass and resin. No solid wood is used. Just as in a production fiberglass boat, the framing is made of fiberglass beams. With decks and soles integral to the hull, this..

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Apr 28, 2017 . Kebony Maple is quickly becoming an accepted and desired alternative to teak, allowing boat and marina dock owners to have a responsible, sustainable decking product that lasts. . Wood is also less affected by moisture and the use of the dock than plastic composites, concrete, or metal

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Cold-Molding is a composite method of wooden boat building that uses 2 or more layers of thin wood, called veneers, oriented in different directions, resulting in a strong monocoque structure, similar to a fibreglass hull but substantially lighter. Sometimes composed of a base layer of strip planking..

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Dec 22, 2012 . Most boats with wood construction use marine-grade plywood encapsulated fully in fiberglass and resin, so the wood never actually gets wet, leaving only the benefits of wood construction in place. You can almost tell when a boat has wood stringers by the way it rides. Ebbtide boats come to mind. They're..

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It is not particularly abrasion resistant and it can deteriorate if fresh water or marine organisms are allowed to penetrate the wood. . Cold-Molding is a composite method of wooden boat building that uses many different layers of thin wood, called veneers, oriented in all different directions, resulting in a strong monoque..

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Aug 16, 2007 . In an age of plastics and composites, wood has not surrendered its claim on the mariner. . our nautical forebears, who were intimately acquainted with the properties of spruce and cedar and teak and jarrah, many mariners of today are not familiar with the proper means of selecting woods for marine use

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It is not strictly speaking a wooden boat. It uses space-age technology to create a cored laminate protected by perfectly waterproof envelope. Epoxy has got vastly superior adhesion than either polyester or vinylester (remember the fiberglass boat's ply-cored deck? Polyester). The plywood shell is assembled in a matter of..