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Feb 11, 2015 . A single braid, at its most basic, is a braided line that has no cover and no core. Because of that single braid lines are sometimes referred to as a 'hollow braid.' Generally in sailing single braid lines have 12 independent strands that are braided together. You can almost accordion the braid open and closed..

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Explaination of rope construction including solid braid, hollow braid, double braid, diamond braid, twisted and plait

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Single/Hollow Braid - formed by an even number of stands which are braided into a circular pattern with half of the strands going clockwise and the other half going . Solid Braid - when all of the strands travel the same direction, clockwise or counter-clockwise and alternate between forming the outside of the rope

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Solid braid ropes are a complex braid that may have a filler core. They have high elongation but less strength. Diamond braids rotate fibers over and under one another in opposing directions. A filler is usually placed in the center of this rope giving it moderate strength. Double braided rope can actually be understood as a..

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Jun 4, 2008 . When looking at the composite decks that are available, the choice of product out there is pretty large. Considerations include colour availability, materials, warranty, dimension, coverage, span and, of course, looks. One question I hear often is regarding hollow (engineered) deck boards vs solid deck..

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Feb 1, 2013 . The types of construction include three-strand, 12-strand solid-braid, 16-strand, 12-strand hollow-braid, kernmantle and double-braid. . While the construction of a hank of modern three-strand would certainly be familiar to one of the deckhands on Magellan's sailing ship, the materials it is constructed of..

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Aug 23, 2013 . ecodek compares hollow and solid composite decking to see what is the best option. Hollow boards are cheaper but are you really getting a better deal?Rope - Rope by Use - Utility Rope - R&W Rope

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Many composite deck board manufacturers offer only solid core boards. The main reason is due to the speed and ease in manufacturing those boards versus hollow boards. It is much easier and faster to extrude solid composite boards than it is hollow. Most manufacturers don't want to deal with the difficulty or expend the..