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anchors needed, as well as the labor required for con- struction. It is more difficult to set posts in dry, rocky, or clay soils and more difficult to construct sound braces in sandy soils where posts have a tendency to move. This publication addresses only the cost of build- ing fences. There are other considerations that may

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Operator Management and Labor Return is an opportunity cost of return for an operator's management and labor. Estimate Useful Life of Fence is the life of the fence investment in light of its construction material, annual specified maintenance and use. Interest rate on investment is the current nominal rate of interest less the..

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Jul 21, 2008 . The cost of wood, this weekend for me, was about $6.50 per foot, I used 4 x 4 x 8 foot posts, 2x 4 cross, & 1x6 fence slats, did 68 foot, labor, hard to tell, my sons. but you can get two people to do it for about $2 per foot, total should be somewhere about $8.50 to $10.50 per foot. according to lumber used. the..

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The cost for treated wood posts increased significantly from $9.21 per post in 2010 to $13.22 per post in 2015. Barbed Wire. The cost of one 80-rod roll of two-point barb, 12.5 gauge, barbed wire increased slightly from. $64.23 per roll in 2010 to $68.26 in 2015. Labor: Fence Building per Rod. The cost of fence construction..

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Wood fences provide greater security and privacy than chain link fences. However, they require more of a financial investment due to the increased labor and material costs. The durability of wood is also lackluster, though staining or painting it might increase its strength and longevity. Finally, adding a..

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A DIY fence project is difficult to undertake, as it normally requires multiple people, but it can be done by experienced homeowners, who want to save on labor costs. A professional wood fence installation will may come with a limited warranty on materials, but warranties are more common on other materials like vinyl 10 or..

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Installing inside jams on the gate and providing space on the latch side can ensure small fingers don't get caught in pinch points. And to combat wind, which can . The local cost of labor and materials, the complexity of the installation, and other factors can affect the cost of a wood gate. For the most accurate wood gate..