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Oct 1, 2014 . Today is October 1, 2014 and the final phase of work to be completed on our pool took place today.installing the new pool cover anchors in the new cement a..

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Once the corners are secured, install remaining anchors 22 from the cover's edge in line . Installation). Adjust the buckles so that springs will compress about 60-70% for a taut fit. STEP 5. Continue with installing straps and anchors (E), (F), (G) & (H) as . IMPORTANT: Do not drag cover on pool deck or any rough surface

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When all anchors and springs are installed, conduct a. Required water levels listed below MUST be maintained: final check. Adjust all springs so that tension is equal on all parts of the cover and the cover lies flat on deck. Loop-Loc MESH Safety Cover. 15-18" below top of pool in a straight line on all sides. Loop-Loc SOLID..

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The Central Tension System (CTS) is customarily located in the middle of the width of the pool and works in conjunction with the largest area of open working space on the deck. The Start Button indicates the first anchor to secure during replacement of the Katchakid. Anchor Placement and Installation. Anchors are spaced..

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Replacement brass anchor assembly for in-ground swimming pool safety covers and mesh covers installed on pools with a wooden deck. Retractable solid brass screw-type anchors fit in the pool's perimeter decking and are used to anchor the Safety Cover for the off-season. Solid Brass Anchor Assembly; Screw type..

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Oct 23, 2015 . Our blog today is not about How to Install a Safety Cover, we've covered that before, here. We've also covered brass anchor problems that a safety pool cover owner may encounterhere. Today we look at the finer details of installing new deck anchors; in wood, concrete and paver pool decks, or directly..

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by Mark Garcia August 12, 2014. How to Install a Safety Pool Cover. A safety pool cover is one that is secured into the deck via straps, springs and anchors. The brass anchors thread up to install the cover, and thread down flush into the deck when to cover is removed. Installing your own safety pool cover is an easy DIY..

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Use this robust Wood Deck Anchors from Water Warden to install your safety cover anchors into a wood deck. Comes with screws

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pool safety cover grommet Pool safety cover spring A brass grommet is drilled into the pool deck, with specific hardware options for installing anchors into any type of deck surface - concrete, interlock stones, grass and gardens as well as hardware for connecting to waterfalls or water features that encroach onto the pool..

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Jul 27, 2017 . Before drilling any anchor holes in the deck, you should always lay the cover over the pool to position it correctly. Some installers use sandbags to hold the cover in place, while others use cinder blocks. (If you're using cinder blocks, place something on the cover to protect it from damage.) When positioning..


RAISED WALL INSTALLATION. A raised wall installation is to be used when there is no decking in an area around the pool (i.e. water- falls, raised spas, etc). This area must always be installed first before any other section of the cover. We recommend that the wall anchors be installed no more than 18 apart as a maximum

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Nov 26, 2010 . On its own, a regular deck anchor can't grab into soil or the soft sand bed underneath pavers. Instead, you'll need to install aluminum tubes into the ground. This product, provided by the manufacturer, goes directly in the lawn or between the pavers. A standard anchor then sinks into the tube and sits flush..

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Oct 10, 2012 . This can be caused by hardened grit in the threads, and/or from the outer body of the brass anchor being bent during installation into a poorly drilled hole. . If the whole anchor can be pulled out of the deck, you can tamp the anchor back in place (be sure to use a proper tamping tool), or tamp a shiny, new..

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How to Replace Pool Cover Deck Anchors. Rob Cox. Replacing pool cover anchors. Rob Cox August 19, 2015. If you have a safety pool cover, congratulations - you have the best thing going. They look great, last long and don't give a bit of trouble. Well, there is one persistent problem with safety pool covers. Just about..

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Jun 13, 2017 . This video shows you how to quickly install an anchor for a Tara Safety Cover. The anchor allows you to attach the cover to the decking. Being able to attach the cover correctly to the deck using the strong brass anchors is necessary in order to have a secure safety cover. The placement of the anchors is..

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into the pool. Failure to keep top of cover clear may cause water to puddle and failure of pool cover. INCLUDED HARDWARE. 1. Brass Anchors a. Screw Type .. ¾". 15/8". Place anchor shell above hole. Insert tamping tool into the shell. Tap tamping tool gently, until shell is flush with the deck. Installation Rod. Spring. Strap..


Mar 2, 2010 . locations to each chalk line on the deck. Do so by working from the center strap and alternating from side to side. Use the same process on the sides of the pool, always beginning at the center of each wall. Do not locate or drill corner strap anchors until the ends and sides are installed. TIPS. Place weights..

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WARNING: Always wear goggles or other appropriate eye protection while installing deck anchors or other pool equipment using power tools. After the cover has the initial anchors, layout the remaining straps (18 from edge of cover).On rectangles you can use a chalk line to make sure the anchors are in a straight line

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Rectilinear Pools. (Rectangle, Grecian,. True/Lazy L, Modified Oval, Roman, etc.) Installing a safety cover is best accomplished by two or more people. Be certain that . by inserting the anchor installation pin (also known as a 'tamp tool') up side down into the hole; the shoulder of the tool must be just below the deck level

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7 items . Discount wholesale pool supplies including above and inground pool covers and pool cover replacement hardware on sale now. Replacement hardware for safety pool cover installation