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Dec 1, 2016 . Sustainable building materials from the future? No problem. Learn about self-healing concrete, bioplastics, and synthetic spider silk. The policy landscape is quickly changing as more and more nations are doing establishing protocols and regulations targeting the building construction industry and its..

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At present the demand for a more sustainable way of building is no longer a matter of personal choice, and the sector has been now regulated for the purpose of implementing . In order to achieve a sustainable construction we have to put an end to those bad long-standing habits of squandering natural resources. What do..

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materials can help create more sustainable, healthful, and ecologically sensitive build- ings. This is achieved through environmen- tal material assessment and green building specifications. It is crucial for the specifica- tions to be enforced during construction to ensure an environmentally friendly applica- tion of materials

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Full-text (PDF) | Materials are the essential components of buildings construction. Chemical, physical and mechanical Properties of materials as well as an appropriate design are accountable of the building mechanical strength. The design of green buildings should thus begin with the selection and..

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Apr 6, 2011 . With growing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment, building designers are increasingly being called upon to bal..

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Jun 30, 2009 . While cork flooring and bamboo furniture get all the attention in green homes, eco-substitutes for old-school construction products like concrete, lumber and insulation are where the real action resides in the growing green building materials market. Spurred by shifting attitudes among consumers,..

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Aug 3, 2016 . Used in a wide variety of ways in the building construction market, aluminum is a very versatile green building material, particularly when it's recycled

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Learn to implement green building practices into homes, apartments, business complexes and office buildings. Utilize materials and techniques that promote healthy, durable and environmentally-responsible construction. Increase your understanding of helpful tools and resources, including green building rating systems

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A new wave of sustainable building materials has emerged - and it's nothing short of extraordinary! Read on for the eco materials revolutionizing homebuilding

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BuildingGreen's Green Building Product Certification Guide is a fantastic resource for understanding this (sometimes intentionally) complex world. . Even materials that do not cause concerns about indoor air quality for the building's occupants can still carry toxicity risk for construction workers and manufacturing workers

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Energy Conserving Claim Of Plastics Used In Building And Construction. White Paper. In a one-year study, plastic building and construction materials saved 467.2 trillion Btu's of energy over alternative construction materials. The energy saved by using plastic building and construction materials in one year is. Download..

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The use of sustainable building materials is important for the incremental processes of self-managed house construction and home improvement. Low-incomes households should always be able to buy good-quality and affordable building materials. When households and communities participate in house construction,..

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Green products and green building materials provided by Green Depot for homeowners and professionals, with an emphasis on great design and non-toxic, . is to make green building products readily accessible to homeowners and builders so that sustainable practices can easily be adopted into standard construction..