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Mar 28, 2014 . There's no getting away from how good teak looks on the outside of a yacht hence it's almost a pre-requisite that even in standard trim many new boats have teak cockpit seats, any plenty of owners are tempted into paying to upgrade to a full teak deck. Given that teak provides unbeatable grip, even when..

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Teak Deck Care. bullet tweak We know you want every aspect of your boat looking good, so we even clean and brighten teak decks. We do NOT paint or clear-coat teak wood. It damages the wood by separating the wood grains and it can never be fixed. Whether it requires a soap and water wash or a two-step acidic..

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Well.soap is OK. works a matter of fact I always use laundry soap and a scotch brite for heavy deck cleaning.the secret is to bring the Ph wood of the surface back to normal so that you don't attract moisture mold..hence acid as the second step.vinegar could be the acid. Test a scrap of teak..

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minutes of application. The Sika Marine Teak Deck Maintenance. System consists of: Leave the brushed-on/cleaned surface to activate for 2-3 minutes followed by intensive scrubbing in the direction of the wood grain for deep-down cleanliness. Following the complete cleaning pro- cess apply Sikaº Teak Brightener to

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Aug 5, 2016 . The reason is, oils tend to act like a magnet for dirt and will increase the frequency for more aggressive teak cleaning down the road. Similarly, teak sealers rarely degrade uniformly and once there's an area that needs to be renewed, it's hard to have the deck look nice without stripping the all of the surfaces..

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May 30, 2017 . Teak cleaner (we use Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner) Water (preferably from a hose) 20 minutes of your time. Why you need to clean your Teak Decks? Although the wood that is used on a deck may only be 3mm deep, if you always take good care of your teak, the deck may last you 20 years or more,..