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Is it better to install hardwood floors before or after the cabinets .

Feb 6, 2014 . Generally, when it comes to kitchens, it's much better to install the hardwood floors BEFORE the kitchen cabinets. There is one exception to this . It is best to think the whole process through and discuss with both cabinet and flooring contractors, even if you will do this in phases. Otherwise, you may be very..

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Aug 30, 2012 . If you've already renovated a kitchen or are just beginning the process, you know how overwhelming the details can be. Our Fittings and Material Spotlights are quick guides to basic kitchen fixtures and materials to familiarize you with terminology, pros and cons, and relevant reader reviews. Today we look..

How to Clean Hardwood Floors Video and Steps - Real Simple

Wooden floors are a major investmentand yet they take such a beating: We walk all over them, track dirt onto them, and still expect them to gleam at the end of the day. This video shows how to attain spotless floors without damaging them in the process. Wooden floors are a major investmentand yet they take such a..

5 Worst Mistakes of Historic Homeowners (Part 2 Floors)

Dec 13, 2011 . I just had five layers of flooring removed from my kitchen and found hardwood underneath in my 1920's home. During the entire process I got a lot of there might not be a decent floor under here and it will have probably gone to crap and are you sure you want to do this? From the contractor, the flooring..

Transitions Kitchens and Baths Why are Wood Floors So Popular .

Jan 21, 2018 . You may immediately picture tile floor, or perhaps even laminate and vinyl flooring something that is moisture proof. While these are all excellent choices for flooring for a kitchen remodel, they are not the only options available. In fact, hardwood floors have become an increasingly popular choice for..

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Instead of the multiple-day process of sanding, staining, and then applying three polyurethane top coats to unfinished wood, these DIY-friendly floors can be put ... knots and dark finish, wide-plank hickory feels right at home with the painted beadboard cabinets, open shelving, and antique furnishings in this cozy kitchen

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Solid wood floors are ideal in family/living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens and powder rooms. About the only place you can't use solid . A major benefit of factory finished floors, however, is that there is minimal dust and noise during the installation process. You also will be able to walk on your floors..

What You Need to Know About Hardwood Floors In Kitchens

Sep 21, 2017 . Warranty: Before you start the installation process you need to check and see whether there is a warranty on the hardwood materials. If there is you should read it carefully to see if anything in the contract mentions that the protection offered will be made null and void if it is installed in a kitchen or any space..

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Jan 16, 2017 . HomeTips Pro Tip: Floor sanding is incredibly dusty work, and a drum sander can leave visible marks and ridges on the floor. If you are not experienced at this job, strongly consider installing a prefinished engineered-wood floor. Bathrooms and kitchens are another story. Though moisture is present in both..

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With today's advances in wood flooring, wood floor maintenance has never been easier. Follow these . the floor boards. Clean the floors periodically with a professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional. . For wood flooring in the kitchen, place an area rug at the kitchen sink. Use a..

2018 Guide to Hardwood Floor Refinishing Costs -

The average cost to refinish hardwood floors is $970 to $1,250 per 300 square feet -- the average reported size of a kitchen in 2012. That cost can easily rise . Screens are clog-resistant sanding disks, and the process of screening removes the floor finish without cutting into the wood itself. This step should only be done on..

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When I bought a teeny-tiny, bold-in-a-bad-way cottage, the previous owners had parceled out the floor refinishing process. Because of this, my five-room house had five different floor finishes: some dark, glossy, and goopy with polyurethane; others light, dull, and very stained. I had three weeks to fix the patchwork-flooring..