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Semi-isostatic densification is a useful method to increase the density and to improve the mechanical properties of fast-grown softwood species like radiata pine. A major disadvantage of this method is the almost complete recovery of the original dimensions when densified wood is exposed to moisture. Heat treatment..

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Zealand Radiata Pine User Manual, first published in 1992, the .. control over the type of wood produced. New Zealand pine .. stain control chemical directly after sawing, unless immediate kiln drying is intended. This is very important in warm and humid climates. Sawn lumber dries easily and can be kiln dried rapidly..

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For the scale of damage experienced, a relatively low loss of life was largely due to the predominance of timber buildings. In the aftermath, many standing . The conductivity (U-Value) of Radiata pine is 0.120 W/mK at 12% moisture content which is the expected condition of CLT in use. The thermal resistance (R-value) of..

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The Monterey pine habitat is strongly influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean from which the cold waters of southward-flowing currents result in high humidity, low temperatures, and summer fogs. The minimum relative humidity at Monterey in July, for example, averages between 60 and 70 percent (23). At least..

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May 19, 2008 . Abstract. Toppling, or the windthrow, of young (<23 years of age) trees is a problem in some regions of the world, including New Zealand. In that country, the incidence of toppling of young radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) trees is a concern to foresters. Toppling differs from wind damage in older forests..

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Feb 26, 1975 . in Pinus radiata Grown in Controlled Environments* . activity and tracheid diameter of radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don). (Jenkins & Shepherd ... Cell. Tracheid. Soil. Water ml/g. Period maturing thickening cambial expansion length moisture potential dry weight. Treatment. 2. 3 zone index region index

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Radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) has been planted extensively throughout New Zealand and differences in productivity in different areas . The use of controlled-environment facilities has enabled a clearer understanding of the effects of temperature on many aspects of plant . radiation and humidity. Moreover, since the..

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P. radiata is used in house construction as weatherboards, posts, beams or plywood, in fencing, retaining walls, for concrete formers. It is also used to a limited extent in boat building where untreated ply is sometimes used, but must be encased in epoxy resin to exclude moisture. The wood is normally kiln dried to 12%..

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Introduction. Conventional tree breeding of radiata pine examines the wood quality in 8. 11-year-old trees. . in radiata pine is the high per cent of poor-quality corewood, formed in the first 510 growth rings. Corewood .. For DMA, samples were conditioned in a humidity control box over calcium nitrate (i.e. at 50% relative..

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moisture to seasoned timber that has just been put into service. The . radiata pine and Araucaria average moisture contents of 180 % or . Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of advice given, Timber Queensland Limited cannot accept liability for loss or damage arising from the use of the information supplied

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This thesis is a study of the kiln drying of radiata pine with a primary focus on the change in wood colour that occurs . simulate the energy efficiency of different humidity control configurations for wood drying kilns. ... Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) is a softwood (gymnosperm), and in New Zealand's temperate climate, there

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Moisture content in radiata pine wood: Implications for . stiffness in wood of Pinus radiata D. Don. This is an important non-destructive measure for estimation of stiffness in standing trees, logs and lumber. Moisture content .. Conclusions. 8.1 Variation of acoustic velocity and dynamic MOE in controlled conditions 171

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They also noticed a higher proportion of nitrifying and ammonifying microorganisms than in the control. . Shoot growth of some temperate-zone pines such as loblolly and Monterey pines, most tropical pines, and many tropical and subtropical angiosperms occurs in a series of waves or flushes during the growing season

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From green to dry (12% moisture content) it will shrink approximately 3.5-4.5% tangentially, 1.5-2.5% radially and 0-0.5% longitudinally. Permeability. All though radiata pine is not naturally durable, the highly permeable sapwood makes it easy to treat with a range of chemical preservatives. Total treatment of the sapwood..


Aug 1, 2013 . Periodic control. Semi-manufac- tured product. KOMO. product certificate. SKH. Visiting address: 'Het Cambium', Nieuwe Kanaal 9c, 6709 PA Wageningen, the Netherlands. Mailing address: . The average equilibrium moisture content of Accoya Radiata pine at a relative humidity of 65%, 80% and 90%

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Keywords: kiln brown stain; drying time; air velocity; relative humidity; Pinus radiata. INTRODUCTION . In kiln drying of lumber, three process-control variables are available to reduce drying time: increase of kiln schedule ... 1997b: Compression-rolling reduces kiln brown stain in radiata pine. Forest Products Journal

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radiata pine is not especially palatable and because seedlings recover well from browsing damage. In. Taranaki possums . control programmes reduce the incidence of such damage. Pines can also be soaked or sprayed with egg paste to ... humidity is maintained. Infected foliage shows a brown pine needle colour in the..

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Wood moisture content can be quite variable towards the end of drying. MW processing reduces the within charge moisture variation. The objective of this study is .. radiata pine lumber. Forest Product Journal. 51(2):85-87. Haslett, A.N. and Lenth, C.A. (2003). Moisture uptake patterns in pressure steaming of radiata pine

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Rapid changes in relative humidity in winter/early spring have resulted in needle death in mid-rotation radiata pine stands (Figure 2.4). Such outbreaks have usually affected less than 5 000 ha (L. Bulman, personal communication, 2012). Extremes often control where a species can grow. Frost studies suggest that radiata

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plantation species, radiata pine, the accepted practice is to kiln dry it directly from the green state. In conventional kiln drying, the wet bulb temperatures. (and therefore the relative humidity) can be controlled sothatthetimetakentodrythetimbermaybeminimised while still ensuring the degrade is kept to an absolute minimum