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For most situations you will want to place footings and posts less than 8' apart. If you are planning on installing a hot tub or porch on top of your deck you will usually need more footings and posts to support the additional loads. Decks with lots of angles may also require additional footings. You may be able to reduce the..

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Mar 21, 2017 . Plus, there are very few attractive pool-deck plans available, and most of those require you to dig and pour dozens of concrete footings. Fortunately, we discovered a better, simpler approach for building a handsome pool deck. Ours, shown here, may look complicated, but we employed a few timesaving..

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Apr 5, 2016 . 15 - 2x10x12 joists. 1 - 2x6x12 joist spacer braces. 2 - 2x12x16 stringers and treads. 1 - 2x6x8 hidden stair frame supports. 28 - 5/4x6x16 decking. 3 - 5/4x6x14 top rail boards. 1 - 5/4x6x12 top rail for stair railing. 6 - 2x4x14 railing. 2 - 2x4x12 stair railing. 52 - 2x2 ballasts (a few extra). 10 - 60lb concrete mix..

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Mar 28, 2010 . Here I will show you how I made a floating deck. The advantage of a floating deck is that it is possible to be moved to any location in the yard. This is by no mean a new Instructable, it was done before by TimBTodd. The deck that we built is 12'x12' and is supported by concrete deck piers. Add TipQuestions about deck footings and pier sizes for an average deck

May 1, 2010 . How large should concrete piers and footings be for an average deck? . All my neighbors decks have 12" diameter cylinders and I think 16" is too much for such a little deck. I can't . The real question in all of these discussions about how many footings and the size to use depends on how hard the soil is

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May 29, 2017 . There are multiple types of foundations that are acceptable for supporting a deck. The most common is a pier type foundation. Columns are the vertical members that transfer and carry the load of the deck from the beam system to the foundation system. Columns can be constructed of steel, solid concrete,..

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This made life so much easier!! Tips and Ideas on How To Build a Floating Deck. We used concrete deck blocks as our base 52 of them for the extra support. Those suckers are heavy. Once we determined our ideal placement, we leveled out our square exterior frame. Utilizing the concrete footings, we placed our..

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Step 8. Immediately after leveling the surface, align and inset any deck hardware and then smooth the surface of the concrete. Step 9. Allow the concrete to cure for one day before constructing your deck or placing heavy weight on the footing (if standard concrete mix was used, wait about 3 days to begin construction)

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Ordering Premixed Concrete. If you're pouring more than a few footings, order premixed concrete from a ready-mix company. You'd be shocked at how many bags of concrete mix you'd have to mix by hand to fill a form tube. Figure concrete volume by multiplying the height of the post and column in feet by the radius of the..

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As options, decks may also have railings, benches and stairs. Wood used on decks should be rot-resistant. Pressure-treated lumber is a good choice for posts, beams and joists, while redwood, cedar or cypress are good choices for decking. Footings and piers support the weight of the deck and are usually concrete (precast..