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Now that the bottom of the boat, the bilges, provided the hull with sufficient stiffening the bad frame-timbers could be replaced one by one. Replacing the frame-timbers, the ribs of the boat, starts with the floor timbers, which are also known as the beams. These are the transverse frame-timbers that are fitted in the bilge

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In my years of teaching boatbuilding and repairing wooden boats, I've noticed many mistakes owners make in the upkeep of their boatscommon practices, done .. Sanding dust finds homes in plank seams and at the junction of your keel and floor timbers; vacuum these areas using a crevice tool and a brush attachment

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Benefits of high pressure air deck floor compare to aluminum or plywood hard floor for inflatable boat. Which one to choose?Replacing floor and deck.. what should i use? | Boat Design Net

Also, is the design suitable for using the synthetic deck planking? . fiberglass would cost way more then ply. ive replaced many many bass boat floors with cheap ply coated on both sides with cheap poly glass resin. and they last three times . You could try cedar slats, which is a very traditional way to go

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Applications: Zodiac Floor Slats for 240/260 Roll-Ups/Wave 275 (2013 and up); Also for West Marine and Bombard Roll-Ups*; Sold as a Set of (6), Color: Gray; Model Number: Z3935, Features: Application: Replacement Floor Slats for Zodiac Model 240 and 260 inflatable boats. Other Applications: West Marine 240RU and..

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May 28, 2013 . This is the restoring of the new boat back to factory specifications after the engine that blew was removed and the new one was installed & mounted

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Mar 26, 2004 . We're thinking about replacing the solid plywood floor or the dinghy with slats that can be rolled up. Any ideas on what . Kip, I'd go to a boat store and look at how Avon etc. do it first. Keeping each slat in its . slats into. Cap'n Jonny. Just throwing this out for interest sake, what about using the deckingInflatable Boat Replacement Parts - Including West Marine

. Marine by Avon Inflatable boats and many other brands of inflatable boats are often difficult to (1) identify appropriate part numbers, (2)locate parts. We specialize in identifying parts and we usually have the parts you need in stock. Let us help! We stock oars, oar locks, floor slats, inflatable floors, replacement wood floors,..